Friday, June 25, 2010

midwest beach!

i am trying to get onto my math website, but it isn't working, so i will tell you about my day. i had a rough start. after going to bed at 2, had to get up at 5:45 to go get steve from work, came home attempted to sleep again but it was difficult. next thing i know someone is touching me, so i go off swinging and basically assaulted kaytee...all because she wanted to go to the beach. i am not a happy camper when woken up fyi. so then steve comes in and starts going through the closet, so i yell for him to go to sleep! then my phone rings and my boss wants me to work July 4th. all of this and not even 7:30am! after a free breakfast at mc donalds, we were on our way. steve, kaytee and i went to the midwest beach, which was bascially just the lake with a little bit of wet sand. we spent 2 hours of fabulous r and r with water, sun and sand. i loved it. i am such a beach person already, but this little 2 hours away from society was perfect. my face is now sunkissed, and i am more relaxed and we are so going back.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


it's raining again, scratch that it is pouring with thunder, lightening, wind, and hail! God it sure putting a storm on for us. day's like this i wish i could stay at home, curled up on the couch and read a book, but no the prison is a calling my name. today my computer cord broke, a trip to three stores and $69 later i found one. i got home and was working on my computer since it crashed and was able to restore it all after much work, and then i started to smell smoke. Lauri was trying to warm up some banana bread, and ended up catching it on fire. i can still smell the smoke, it's appalling. anyways off to bed.s

Friday, June 11, 2010


well as i sit here i am glancing at my shoulders as it starts from peeling from the sunburn a couple of weeks ago. summer has officially arrived. lots of playing outside with Carigan and so far 2 carnivals have been attended. as with summer, i started an online math class that has kept me incredibly busy. it seems like all i do is go to work, come home work on math, sleep, wake up and do more math, over and over and over! oh well se la vie.

Friday, June 4, 2010


oh me oh my, how i am stressed with finances. it always seems to be one thing after another, and of course today it was a flat tire. luckily i was able to put air into it, and 3 hours later it hasn't flattened yet, so i will definitely keep an eye on it. but the finances are stressed to a max. i think i need a vacation, but of course cant afford one. oh well such is life. i really wish i could be in Haiti, where life is simple at a slow piece with no care in the financial world except for daily needs. life here in America is too expensive with credit cards, car payments, student loans, rent, food, etc the list could go on and on. but oh how i wish i was overseas serving God, not concerned at all about finances, but more about their needs. it seems with the way money comes in and goes out so fast that i will never be able to save up and go. but at least i am paying off the debt. se la vie.