Tuesday, July 27, 2010

man of God

Is it possible for a person to come into you life and change you just in one encounter? I have been thinking that for a while now. I met one person, who makes me want to be better in life. One meal is all it took. An encouragement to return to church, to even recommend one. Me being the internet junky that I am googled the church and found this on their website: "A missionary is God's child in God's place doing God's work in God's way in God's power for God's glory." This may not mean anything to you, but it does to me. Because in a tiny village in the northwest mountains of Haiti, there is a missionary that has this saying edged into the wall. I found it on accident one day and it has stuck with me ever since. I believe I even have it written in my Bible and probably as a fb quote. I haven't thought about it in many of years, and then to come across it like this has hit me square in the face. To reevaluate where I am in life. Which brought me to the person I met all over again. The character he portrayed to me, was one of a godly man, a kind of man that I was as a spiritual head in my future family. It got me thinking about how the Word says "it's not good for man to be alone". I never have sat down before to think what I want in a man, but I want a man that will stand up and share his beliefs (religion and politics) on a first date, a man that asks to pray for the dinner, that speaks highly of his church. Anyways all I got to say is that I can't wait for that man of God to be revealed to me one day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Life has sure been busy. 2 weeks ago Lauren and Kevin's wedding, this past week up to Chicago to move my mom. Came home to a nice quiet house, or maybe not. I came home to my dog having a hair cut. It was awful, I was livid. Thankfully I am not posting this a few days ago or you would sure have an ear full...

So I have been talking to a guy. And we went on a lunch date today. It was fabulous. Hopefully more will come, but the ball is in his court so we shall see.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

The 4th of July stands out as one of my favorite memories of celebrating...in Haiti...yes odd I know. Every summer I was there all the American missionaries would gather together and go to Mole, a day at the beach with an American BBQ. It was as an American as you can get for being out of country. But surrounded by so many white people, celebrating your country's freedom, it's powerful. I wish I could turn back the clock, be debt free, and be in Haiti celebrating. Life in Haiti was carefree, peaceful, simple, I miss it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is here

Well we are officially halfway through 2010. It always amazes me how much life has changed in the past year, let alone the past 6 months. With July here life is getting more interesting. Kaytee is dating a Franke which speaks volumes, and Steve is dating a guy as well. I was thinking the other day, when is it my turn. It seems from my perspective that Kaytee and Steve have had people lined up talking to them, dates, and here I am. I have been here for 5 full years, in a month I will start year 6, and not a single date. Ok well take that back I was engaged part of it, and there was that African...so take that out of the equation and not a single date from an American Citizen haha. It's quite frustrating when everyone around has a significant other and I come home alone. Sure I may live with 4 other people, but that doesn't mean much except there is usually always people around. When will it be my turn? When will a guy see past my body and see who I usually am? Do I really come across as a bitch at work?

Right now all I do is go to work, stay up late doing math homework, sleep, wake up for more math, then back to work. It is a never ending cycle. But now that July is here I am halfway done with this math class! As soon as this math class is over it is back to the gym. Lauren and Kevin's wedding is next week. The week after I am taking Steve to Chicago and we are moving mom to a new place and doing some site seeing. Then when August comes around it is a 11 day vacation home which is so needed!