Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

2011 is quickly flying out the door. Within a few short hours we will be celebrating the beginning of a new year. Well most likely I will be sound asleep when the new year rings in; however you can't properly say hello to the new year without saying goodbye to the old one. So here is a tribute to 2011.
The past month has been a blur. With 4 people living under 1 roof life's been crazy busy as we have all adjusted to living together. We celebrated Christmas with Steve's family visiting for a quick minute. We had a splendid time. I worked and it dawned on me that I had spent the past 4 Christmas's in segregation. Baf had her first Christmas with us. I got a beautiful and meaningful present from my hubby that I absolutely loved. And we enjoyed some great cooking from his mama. Yesterday I found out I had ringworm. Go me! Enjoy the couple of Christmas pics...but seriously enough about the past month...
This past year can be classified in one single world..."change". This year has been a roller-coaster of changes. It has been exhausting. I started the year off right, on track with getting my life healthy...thinking that I was doing the right thing by preparing to give up my life in Missouri and trek across the good ole' country and starting life over near my family. I left Missouri burned out, heartbroken and desperately needing a new start. I needed to get away from some stress. Little did I know that God would find humor in my plan and reroute it causing me to go full circle...during that 6 month sabbatical in the desert of the nation's capital I lost, reconnected and fell in love with my best friend and found myself driving back across the good ole' U.S. of A. returning to my nursing job at MCC but this time with a ring on my finger with the best road trip partner ever planning our future. I got hitched to my most favorite person in the entire world on a beautiful October day (in which I still say I won the bet...just sayin') and have been in marital bliss for just over 2 months now. Sure we have had our bumps in the road as we have merged our life's as one, but it's been worth it.
As 2011 was the year of change, I am praying and 2012 will be the year of panning out the bumps in the road. I pray that we will be able to figure out Steve's health problems; that finances will calm down and we will be able to pay off debt and grow a savings account; get back on track with striving for a healthy lifestyle; reconnect with my family; continue to fall madly in love with my husband and maybe just maybe start preparing for a growing family; but most importantly that I will make God first in my life and in my marriage. That's my goal for 2012.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I am sitting here as I type this blog watching cartoons. I remember those many Saturday mornings growing up where all 5 of us kids would end up on the couches watching cartoons without a care in the world usually with a cup of hot coco and toast. Where eventually mom and dad would wake up around noon and we would make a family brunch; and as we got older we would skip the parents part and we would just make breakfast. Usually pancakes or french toast. Even this summer when I was in Virginia I still found my younger sisters watching cartoons in the morning with a cup of hot coco and toast. Some things never change, especially a good old lazy family day, without a care in the world. This morning reminds me of it. Steve is in bed sleeping thanks to some stupid stomach crap, and Baf, Cady and I are on the couches watching cartoons without a single thing planned in our day. I love mornings like this.

This week our home has went from boring and quiet to full of people. Baf FINALLY came to visit us on Monday. It seems like this time would never come, but she is finally here. I love just having her around. She has been a big part of my life the past few months. I think there was only a couple of days where she didn't keep me company in the evenings when I was home alone. I am now trying to come up with a plan on how to secretly keep her here... Jess moved in with us on Wednesday. She finally decided it was time to return to good ole' Misery. So she is renting out our spare bedroom as she is getting back on her feet and starting a new chapter in her life.

Thursday we went to Living Windows downtown. It was extremely boring and lame compared to the past several years that I have been. Oh well.

This past week at work has been rough. I had my first hanging last Saturday - successful for him, not for us with CPR. Sunday I had a guy on suicide watch who attempted suicide by cutting. He had multiple cuts up and down his hand and wrist and cut his right antecubital deep enough to expose his vein. I had a new nurse I was training all week and kept her hopping with more suicide watches, a new guy with Huntingtons-Chorea, 3 people who decided it would be fun to hit walls and break their hands, lots and lots of pepper pray, refusals of mandated TB meds, several self declare emergencies, death meetings and a ton of MSR's.

On top of it my headaches have returned full force. A few of them have them full blown migraines with the light sensitivity, nausea, dizzyness, etc. 4 of the past 7 days...not fun! Sleep is the only thing that helps.

I have been fighting with Verizon all week. I am trying to get them to waive the early termination fee. Considering I have been with them since 2005. My phone sucks in Moberly. I might as well not be paying for the data plan. Why have a smart phone with I cant use the smart part of it. Yesterday my lovely husband decided it would be a grand idea to reset the phone. What he failed to realize is I have to be in Verizon towers to reactivate it (which Moberly isn't thanks to the lovely extended network and Sprint towers). So now I am without a phone. I wont lie, it sucked last night. Today I am just like "eh whatever". The two people I want to talk to are in my house with me, so it's all good. Steve did go ahead and ordered me a phone through Sprint. It's suppose to be here sometime next week. I am soooo done with Verizon, even if I do have to pay the early termination fee, it will still save a ton of money in the end by having us on a family plan instead of two individual plans.

This weekend I am hoping to not have much go on. A nice relaxful weekend at home is just what the doctor ordered for the sick hubby, the healing Baf, and the exhausted me. LOL!