Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another rambling post...

Yesterday I was able to pay off another debt completely. It's such a relief and accomplishment knowing that another debt has bit the dust. I have 2k left on my car, and I am bound and determined to pay off that thing by the end of the summer.

Is it typical when an individual is drawn to another individual, that they want to know everything about them? I mean every single thing. Sure I have known him for a bazillion years, and sure we even shared a house together, and I thought I knew him pretty well, but I am finding myself more amazed at how much I didn't know about him. Like how he despises east coast drivers. Today we were at Walmart and I realized one thing that ticks me off is those check out people at the store who seems to put every single item into a different grocery sack, so that you then have like 15 bags of groceries when really you could have like 5. I could care less about going "green", but come on how much more difficult does it make to put everything into as few as bags as possible so I only have to take one trip inside the house!

Tonight officially hits the end of the first school week for school. I love watching him study. It reminds me of my good ole' stressed days of nursing school. He has wanted to be in the medical field for so long, and now to actually be in school studying it, it's like a kid in a candy shop. Ya know the big scared eyes but a hint of excitement and anticipation for what's coming.

My mom and girls are still gone, so it's just the pups, my dad, Steve and me. It's been lovely having a nice and quiet house. I am taking advantage of the girls being gone, and cleaned the house upside down, and I swear every single article of dirty clothing in this house has been cleansed. The other day I went to the grocery store to get some stuff and I found myself realizing how much I miss shopping and caring for my own place. I am excited for one day having a place with Steve again and being able to care for it. I think God is slowly turning me into that Proverbs 31 woman, but shh don't tell Steve that since I was so adamant a few months ago that I am not wife material.

Oh last night at work I was talking with a few officers and one asked if I was going to stick around. Usually the correctional field scares away new people, and there is typically beats placed on how long the new nurse will last. I informed them that I had 3 years of DOC experience under my belt so this is a piece of cake...and the looks on their faces was priceless. They were like stuttering over what to say yet. I may be young and new to your facility, but one thing I know how to do is work with "big bad mean people" aka "cry baby criminals".

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love and Marriage

Well I am at work and have a few minutes of free time before we get busy so I figured I would do a quick update. I just flew back to DC from Chicago where Brandy got married. It was a bittersweet occasion d/t Alex's mom passing away early Friday morning from a very long battle with breast cancer. But the wedding still went off without a hitch, and the gorgeous bride became Mrs. Woody. Since I am at work I don't have a picture to post, so you'll just have to hop on over to fb and take a gander for yourself.

I switched over to night shifts last week. This week I am "offically" on my own and off orientation, but that's only d/t half of the crew being on vacation. I enjoy nights, they are usually a little more quieter, but alot more paperwork. The only down side to the job is that there isn't a whole lot of patient care. It's mainly medication passes, paperwork, and emergencies. The other day we had a guy have a heart attack on us, ended up going through open heart surgery and surviving the whole ordeal. He came back to us the day before I went to Chicago, and in most places he would have been placed in an infirmary for pain control and close monitoring. But we don't have an infirmary. So we placed him in our TB isolation room, the closest room that we have to medical for observation. I was reminded how much I loved working in the infirmary setting and having more one-on-one patient care.

The past 3 days I have been gone I have realized one thing...that I have fallen and fallen hard for a guy. I never knew it was like physically painful to be away from someone (thank God for texting), and for crying out loud it was only 3 days! I think what made it worse was that I was running on very little sleep, high on emotions, and love was in the air. But let me tell you in the past 6 years of the making God has been orchastrating a love story of my own and I feel like I am sitting on a couch watching it take place before my own eyes. I am not a very touchy feely person, and I especially don't like to tell the whole world what I am thinking or feeling when it comes to the most intimate of my being, but let me tell you this, I have fallen in love with my best friend, and I am honestly very happy with the direction my life is going in.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tre Kontant

I figure it's time to update the blog. It's been forever. The past 2 weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions as I have been learning what it's like to balance work, my family, and now my relationship with Steve. I can't believe that he has been here for almost 2 weeks. It seems like it has been forever. I have learned that I am quite a inpatient person, but I am trying so hard not to be. I can actually say that I am quite content and happy in life. It's amazing that one person can have such an impact on a person's life.

This morning my mom and sisters hit the road for Chicago for Brandy's wedding. I can't believe that in a week my sister will be getting married.

Yesterday I finished my last day shift at work. Tonight I start nights. For the most part I am ready. I am ready to to actually get to know my shift of coworkers, but mostly to get into an actual routine.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Prep, Steve, and More

Brandy came to town Sunday night. One main reason of moving here was to see the family more often, but sadly I haven't seen her in 2 months. It's a crime with her being a little over 2 hour drive away. We are down to the final 3 weeks before her wedding. Every convo seems to be related to the upcoming wedding. I still need to get shoes for the bridesmaid dress and an outfit for the rehearsal.

Yesterday morning I drove to Roanoke to pick up Steve. Had a yummy lunch at Red Robin. I would have to say it's probably our favorite restaurant. Then had a beautiful country drive back to NOVA. I had to keep looking at him to actually believe he was sitting next to me and that it wasn't a figment of my imagination! I couldn't imagine being in his shoes, coming to my families house and meeting everyone all at once, especially since we are kinda brunt and loud at times. But I think he fared well. Hopefully the adjustment period of being in a new place wont be as hard for him as it was for me. I am tickled pink that he is here, and that we are starting the rest of our life together. Please pray that he can find a good job.

I am currently reading through the books of Psalms. I love that reading it usually brings a new song to my heart, that I usually sing or hum throughout my entire day at work.

On even better news I was paying my June bills and was able to pay off the first of several debts that I have this morning. It's a good feeling knowing one's done.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

48 hours

In 48 hours I will be on my way to DC to pick up Steve. I am not sure what to even say at this point. A very small part of me is skeptical he will get off the bus, that something else will happen to prolong this rendezvous. Part of me is nervous, after 6+ years of a friendship, almost 4 months of not seeing each other, and an even longer 2 months where he has been constantly in my mind, I wonder what will it be like. Will it be like any other greeting? Or will it be one to remember for the rest of my life? I am so stinking excited for my best friend is coming home. It's almost like I have been reading the summary on the back of the book, or a sneak peak of the outlining of the chapter titles, but in 48 hours this book will be wide open and come to life for me. 48 hours!