Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vinegarized floor

This past week has been a little tense in the house due to pee. Yes pee. And let me tell you it wasn't mine or Caitlin's (or at least I don't think so...) From Friday to Wednesday Cady peed on the floor 4 times! We got smart and wouldn't leave her alone in the living room. But then Wednesday came, and she peed right in front of us! So anyways I was stumbling one day and I saw that if you clean the area with vinegar that it gets ride of the smell to make the dog not want to go there again, so I did and she it seemed like it worked. Well so Thursday she was outside most of the day, and Friday she was inside and just not allowed in the living room. Saturday I decided to expirement since it was my day off, so I let her in the living room and she seemed ok until she went and looked like she was about to squat. I yelled so loud that it scared Caitlin and the dog went running into my room where she hid for an hour. Finally came out and I am happy to say that yesterday or today she hasn't even attempted to walk in the area of the living room where she was going earlier this week. So hopefully we have this problem stopped...we shall see with precautions!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Backpacks for Haiti Relief

My Haiti parents, George and Carol Ann Truelove, took me into their house summer after summer as I grew up to let me live and serve with them in their medical clinic, schools, and church. It is because of them that I have a heart for Haiti. They have an idea for helping the Haitians and I wanted to pass it along...

Dear Family, Friends, Churches and Fellow Americans;

The eyes of the Americas are centered on the plight of the small country of Haiti the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Our hearts are bonded together in prayer for the multitude of people who were near the epicenter of the catastrophic earthquake and numerous after shocks.

Many countries, most especially our USA, have responded heroically to the unbelievable disaster of lost lives, incredible physical pain and damage to the living and even worse, the emotional suffering caused by seeing family members broken to pieces, killed or buried before their eyes with little or no hope of rescue before they die.

To all this horrific suffering and grief, add days of being hungry, thirsty, hot, dirty, homeless-with no water to drink much less bathe a little baby, wash clothes or even care for scrapes, burns, bruises, etc.

Even if we choose to go 24 to 48 hours without a drink of water or anything else, go without eating or baths we should be able to tolerate it better because we are safe in our homes with our family about us!

Anyone of these poor suffering Haitians who know Jesus as Saviour, have hope of eternal life if they die! They have the Holy Spirit to comfort them. What about the others that are dying daily because the food and medical care are not there soon enough.

After 32 years in Haiti (Carol Ann) and 24 years (George) we thank the Lord for the stories of miraculous rescues – the 2 children buried 7 days – brought out alive, the 70 year old woman whose God given courage sang her way to freedom, 2 young ladies, from the Northwest where we live were believed to be dead since day one, found under the rubble of a 4 story building and so many others! We are in the states because our son, Austin, got married. We had 6 children living in Port-au-Prince at the time of the quake. After 24 hours we got the message that “two guys were ok” no names or anything. 48 hours later we heard that all the kids were safe. The house they were living in was still standing but inhabitable. They made their way out to the province as many thousands have. Thank you Jesus!

While we are still in the states we want to do something now!

How can you help?

1) Donate backpacks! They do not need to be new but must be in good condition and hold 25 to 50 lbs. of family rescue items. Thousands walk the streets without shoes or sandals. They have no food, (some places get MRE’s) no water, no extra clothing just what is on their backs. Remember, many have lost everything but their lives, which of course, is the most important. Churches can pack them together and UPS them directly to :
100 Airport Ave. PaP 2272
Venice, FL 34285-3901
Mark boxes : “Backpacks for Relief”

2) If you live far from Venice, FL. Where AGAPE Flights is located, monetary gifts can be sent to AGAPE Flights at the same address above or to:
George and Carol Ann Truelove
c/o Mrs. Edith Crain
P.O. box 204
Hollister, FL. 32147
You may specify how you want your financial gift to be spent to fill these backpacks or as needed
or used to buy meds and supplies.
a) Food ready to eat: tuna fish, chicken, fish, beef in pouches, spam, ham, and Vienna sausages in pull top cans, peanut butter in plastic jars, granola bars, raisins and other dried fruits (we will buy cases and divide them among the backpacks).

Hygiene articles

disposable gloves 50 pair per box, blue underpads, bottles of hand sanitizers, safety pins, sewing kits, colored towels, bars of soap, shampoo medium size, tooth paste with brushes, deodorant, baby powder, feminine hygiene pads, underwear (masculine and feminine), zip lock bags, wet ones or diaper wipes.

linens – colored if possible – DO NOT need to be new but in good condition, pillow cases (these can be used as well for food storage or other belongings and then as a pillow) must be clean and durable, fleece blankets (darker colors) – to put on ground to sleep on over cement, dirt, etc.

Clothes – wash and wear as much as possible, cotton is cooler.
babies – baby wipes, baby formula for orphans, cloth diapers, baby clothes, plastic
pants, diaper pins
Children clothing – shorts, T shirts small boys and girls, dresses etc. for older girls
Men’s clothing – 3 button shirts sm-med-lg some x lg, T shirts, knee length shorts or pants
of any kind.
Women’s clothing – T-shirts, blouses, skirts, practical dresses – cotton (remember no
restrooms – women are adept at being modest with skirts and dresses).
Meds and medical supplies – send donations to George Truelove – specifically as they have
access to prepared cases, some are needed for Faith Medical Clinic also.
Shipping – gifts to AGAPE Flights for buying supplies etc. or helping pay the cost of a flight
can receive a receipt from AGAPE FLIGHTS INC.
Specify gifts to AGAPE given for supplies for the “Backpack Relief” project so it will be used
for that.
Gifts for helping pay for a flight to Haiti should also be specified for a receipt.
Gifts to George and Carol Ann specify accordingly.
We can be reached in the states at 386-336-6636 or 386-328-0724 for any questions or clarification.

Thank you for caring and sharing, George and Carol Ann Truelove – Missionaries to Haiti

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

EmOtIoNaL RoLlAr CoAsTeR

I hate when people use caps and type funky letters, but this week I think I can definitely write: EmOtIoNaL RoLlAr CoAsTeR, because that is what they last past 8 days of my life has been. With all going on right now, my mind is racing with different thoughts and emotions, stuff that I know I need to decipher, but where to start. And then I remember this blog. I am sure no one (except my ever faithful "stalker" of a housemate Caitlin {haha jk}) reads the blog, so why not try and decipher the things racing in my mind here on paper...well a computer screen.

8 days ago Haiti was his by the earthquake. News slowly came in that some friends are okay and some friends had died, missionaries are ok, etc. People in the States kept asking me about the missionaries, but never about the Haitians. It really bugged me because I have lived there for months on end, I have friendships with many people (alot of whom are now in the university in Port), and then there was the one I was engaged to (we will just call him Terry for now). I am usually a very private person and don't get into details on our past because frankly it is none of anyone business. Plain and simple I loved a guy and he loved me, our problem was that there is an ocean separating up. Plain and simple. Anyways when I heard about this earthquake my heart broke for all those who died. Every single person I saw on tv burried, I thought "that could be him" or "I might have kissed that lady's cheek" (especially if you know Haitians, you kiss alot of cheeks as greetings!).

Slowly news came in on some, but I never heard about Terry. Then on Monday I got a voice mail from a Haitian saying something about Terry, a machine, a house and dead. But they were speaking way to fast for me to understand. And let me tell you that messed with my head. I had one friend translate the voice mail basically saying "something about a truck crushing him and he died". I told my sister and parents, and left it at that. I didn't want to admit he was dead, but it was already taking toll on me. So later that night I got some text from his brother and he said "that he was going to go to port to get terry and the other twin". I was just like "why there bodies are probably buried under rubble or used as a road block." He had to tell me several times that he was their brother and he just knew they were alive. OK whatever say what you want but I wont believe you till I hear from him myself. Sunday comes around and late afternoon I get a call from Terry, my jaw fell open and I managed to say something like "you are suppose to be dead" he just laughed at me and said he was alive and wanted me to call him. Anyways after many busy signals and trying every 10 minutes while awake fastfoward 2 days to yesterday and I was finally able to get through to him due to the phone lines being down. My heart just leaps with joy the 3 times I have been able to have like 20 minute conversations with him. We talk, I do alot of encouraging, it is difficult to hear the pain and hear the screaming and mourning in the background, but I am the strong one that is suppose to encourage him to keep going. Yesterday he said to me "I survived the wrath of God, there is a reason, a second chance, now I need to serve Him, I have a purpose." He told me today that he has spent nearly everyday translating for relief teams. Reflecting on our phone and text convos my heart is mixed with joy and what now. Joy that he is alive and serving God despite loosing everything on his back. I want to jump the gun and say "just come here". I can't do that either. It is so frustrating cuz I want him hear safe and sound. But he keeps telling me on the phone "i need you to encourage me and keep me going". Okay I will do that, i cant do much except pray but I will be the encourager.

Onto other things life at work has been very busy with patients. People at work say to me that I haven't been the same the past week. They want to know why. But I don't want to say Haiti, because people are already becoming annoyed with it, I can tell just by the body language. But I am sorry this is personal to me. This is affecting me. I may not be crying and all emotional, I cant because I am a professional at work, but I find it hard to be all happy and smiling when my brothers and sisters are suffering so. It weighs heavily on my mind.

Oh and I took the ACT today. I need at least a score of 20 for my RN school application. Stuff that I haven't seen or heard of since high school. It was definitely a headache of a thing. And it will take 4 weeks before I get the results from the thing to see if I qualify to apply for the program.

And Cady got into the leaf pile, she had thorns and sticky stuff all over her beautiful coat. Maybe if I dont pass the ACT I will just do grooming on the side....haha

Can you see the emotional rollar coaster I have been on? Oh well it will stop soon and I can get off of it and place my feet on steady ground. Until then all I will say is "mezanmi and se la vie!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If you know me, then you know my heart is in Haiti. Last night I was at work and talking to one of the prisoners when I saw the flashing news on FOX that there was a 7.0 earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, the capital, the biggest and most populated city in Haiti. The President's house ("white house"), many government buildings, and thousands of houses and stores crumbled in due to the poorly built concrete buildings. PAP is known as the concrete city after all!

Anyways news is flying in from many friends that are in other parts of the country, and they all felt the shake, but no damage except in the capital. Salonique and Living Water is safe in Gonaives. He drove into PAP today to look for his sister Beau, who is in medical school in Haiti. Lucma is suppose to return to the States on Friday, but we shall see since the airport is shut down right now. George and Carol Ann Truelove was not affected all the way up in Nan Santrain, just some shaking. Carolyn and Terry's girls and church in Mare Rouge are ok. Steve and Faith Leach are in PAP buying monthly supplies and were unharmed. Chuck Martindale was state-side at the time and scheduled to return on the 20th, but is now trying to get back into Haiti sooner as soon as the airport opens. The Baptist Mission is set on the mountain overlooking PAP is ok, but is the only running hospital in the area and is overflooded due to the national hospital in PAP having collapsed. CSI missionary house is ruined, as well as CSI's hospital. A school collapsed while in session. The beloved Caribbean grocery store is gone.

I have yet to hear from many of my friends that are in the capital. Please keep praying for the country of Haiti. They covet your prayers upon this difficult time as people are buried under ruble, cell phone and electricity towers are down, lack of clean water, people missing, etc. If you feel led to give and don't know where to start I know several organizations that are collecting money for the relief.

here are a few pictures i have found from a friend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well since I am on this thing of continuing 2010 in a right way I decided to go to a new church on Sunday. Well more my coworker forced me to, but it's been something have been wanting to try. So I went, it was freezing in the sanctuary, but nonetheless it was a good service.

Today I started a new semester of school. Part of me didn't want to go back, I have spent 4 years of school have 2 degrees, then why do I need to go back and dedicate another 2 years of school?!? I might as well be a doctor! But anyways after kicking my butt out of bed, I went. I know this is something I need to do. I only has 3 pre-reqs after all before I am eligable to apply for the program. But come on, I am already starting my career and part of me feels like I am going backwords now that I have started classes with people just out of high school, and let me tell you there was alot of immaturity that I saw today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You know it is funny when people tell me that I am a nurse so I should have money. I make so much a month, but so much comes out for bills. People ask why I have debt. And it all seems to revolve around school. I have 2 separate student loan companies. 2 credit cards and 1 gas card that I took out when in school to get through school. A car loan. And then household bills. Part of me wants to scream because it seems like I never have enough money. It doesn't help that a lot of my check from yesterday is going to school for books and tuition. It's all so stressful. But no matter how I look at it, there is no way to fix it except keep doing what I do, work and pay the know the things that grown ups do!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tonight just as we were getting ready to eat dinner we had a code. A dialysis inmate literally fell over dead as a nurse was talking to him. Us 4 nurses initiated CPR and did so for about 25 min before the ambulance came, who them attempted for 30 min before calling it. This wasn't my first death as a nurse, my first was a man who was declared medically futile, so tonight goes down in the books...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well with Geanya's pushing I went over to MACC to see if I could get into micro-biology. Supposedly it's very difficult to do so since the ADN students has the top priority, and scarcely there is no room for others. I really wanted to take micro now and get it out of the way so I don't have to do it with RN classes. The good news: I got in, and am able to use Geanya's book for it. The bad news: it's at 8am in the morning 3 days a week. 8 am wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get home till 11:45 at night. But whatever. I also got my math book ($174) and am waiting to see if Julia has the human lifespan book. I am crossing my fingers on the human lifespan book since its like another $100 for a used book...let alone its $700 for these classes. CMS will reimburse me for 2 classes a semester, so that will help, but it doesn't give me the cash now. Oh least I am on track for finishing the last few classes that are pre-reqs. In all honesty all I need as pre-reqs are the 3 math classes, but I am taking the human lifespan and micro just so I don't need to with the RN classes. Anyways I guess I now need to purchase a least I now have a new student id and parking permit.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Sunday

Today's the first Sunday of 2010. What better way to celebrate then with the fellowship of believers. Well that's the thought that woke me up this morning. I was going to go to a new church today, but didn't know the time so instead went back to North was sad. Today was the first Sunday without a pastor. Pastor Howard and Sharon are officially done with the church, and you can tell. There is a gloomyness upon the church body. You could tell the joyous leader of the church for 10 years is gone. Now there is a intermediate pastor (who preached a good sermon) is here until a permanent pastor is found. May God bless North Park with a good man of God to lead the church in this new decade.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well as tradition goes, today is a new year, and that means time to reflect on how 2009 turned out and the hope of what 2010 will bring. Looking back into 2009 it was a year of difficult financial times yet of conquering goals, mainly graduating from Bible college! Around graduation time I found myself itching for something new, so I moved to St Louis, only to get into financial troubles and be extremely unhappy, so after being slapped in the face with a sign by God that came in an email and a MACC parking sticker I moved back to Moberly with a look of much promise. The past 5 months of being back in Moberly I have climbed out of a financial crunch, got Cady, furthered my nursing career at MCC and reformed both old and new friendships. With this I am happily marching into 2010 with much hope...

A year from today I hope to say that I have grown much deeper in my relationship with Christ, that I have gotten involved in church more, tithing more, become a healthier person and have lost at least 33 lbs (more is better!), finished my last 4 pre-reqs for the RN program, payoff the credit card and decrease the student loan bills, increase my savings account, and to conquer whatever is placed before me. If I can meet these goals, then hopefully I can that 2010 was a far better year then 2009!

Happy New Year, may it be the best year of my life!