Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am sitting here this morning, just finished showering and eating breakfast and find myself with a few extra moments before I have to leave for work. I am sitting here enjoying the warmth of my house, the quietness of the morning and Pandora playing softly in the background. Our life seems like a rollar coaster of never ending stress. Most days I can handle it. Last night wasn't one of them. But this morning I was reminded by a precious note of the promise in Jeremiah that all of this stress is part of God's plan for my life. I was also reminded that I am loved. I am loved by God who wants to be a active part of my Life. Loved by a husband unconditionally who sticks by my side even when the stress seems overwhelming, who has helped clean the house when I am at work and goes along with my DIY projects. Loved by friends even when I am not the best of friends. I have a roof over my head that has become my home, heat in the Vents, food in the fridge, gas in the cars, and a job I enjoy. I am divinely blessed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Table!

Yesterday when I got off of work, I found my hubby waiting for me in the parking lot. Yay for me! I guess my car is acting up again with overheating and he was concerned enough that he wanted to follow me home in it...ironically only when he drives it though. This month we have the last car payment, the light at the end of the tunnel is shinning brightly. I got to meet the hubby's barber that he has been raving about. Supposedly he is the best in town. He does a pretty spiffy job on the hubby's hair and I guess is old school about it. After the barber we ran to Walmart to grab dinner, and after what seemed like forever finally settled on fried chicken. Ehh not the best in the world. Somehow my husband has a way of convincing me to let him get stuff for the house, I guess you could say he has me wrapped around his little finger. We managed to come home with a writing table. Though I am not sure why it's called it. It's lay man's terms, it's an entrance table by my front door to hold our wedding sand. It looks perfect. It goes with a coffee table/end table set that we are going to get probably come pay day. Now that the wedding/holidays are over we are trying to focus on making our home more homey. Last night we got word that Steve's dad had a MI with 100% blockage in an artery. After a stent placement, the rumor around the family is that he is doing good. ICU for a few days I imagine. It sometimes stinks us being so far away from family. Especially when I can see how much Steve would have like to be with his family last night. Se la vie. I started using MFP again. Depending on how today goes, I am going to try and go to the gym today...if not at least tomorrow since I am off. I need to go. I need to stop making excuses. I know me well enough, that all I need is a day or two to step foot back in the gym and then bam routine will hit. I think I started grinding my teeth last night. I woke up this morning with a headache and teeth hurting. Go me! My ringworm has been itching more in the lat 24 hours. It's all driving me crazy! Oh well off to the popo I go. But hey at least I have tomorrow off, right?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rambling Early Morning

The last 2 days I have woken up plain exhausted. I crashed in bed last night. Bed time seems to be getting earlier and earlier. I think I am getting old. I think I managed to almost push Steve out of bed last night like several times...whoops. I am sitting here drinking like a pot of coffee trying to get energy to cook breakfast. I don't think it's working. McDonald's may have a customer...but shh don't tell my husband since we are suppose to be not using money. Last night the Postel's were over, and I couldn't decide what to make for dinner... then it hit me. Homemade manicotti, well really homemade lasagna roll ups. It turned out quite yummy, but then really when it noodles, cheese and spaghetti sauce not yummy? I really do like cooking, it's just I never have the motivation and I make the same thing over and over; which is why yesterday was yummy, cuz it was different and new for the hubby. Anyways I really should start looking for new recipes I think. When I was making dinner last night I heard on TV that this girl has a blog that's titled "overanalyzer" and I thought to myself umm that should be my blog's name. I may even change it to it. LOL. And then I thought, could you imagine if I actually blogged about what was on my mind half of the time? I would be in soooo much trouble. There is a reason my blogs are far and few in between, because I have learned to keep my mouth shut. Yesterday I actually contemplated going to the gym. I really want to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. And I know it would benefit Steve's health, our marriage, and everything else in life. I was going to go to the gym after work. But then we had company and I made dinner. So scratch that idea. I need to figure out a routine. I need to step foot back in that ymca. I need motivation. I need to stop drinking coffee and tea. The tea at work and the tea at home is like McDonald's sweet tea...yah not so healthy... Anyways I am not sure why I wrote this blog, I guess to pass time as I am sipping a cup of joe. Anyways off to work for another fun filled day in the life of the DOC.