Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adios alarm clock

Well I did it. I survived 6+ months on day shift. I use to say I would never go to day shift, the thought scared the living daylights out of me. But once I got a good routine down I must say I mastered running the segregation wings. I got to know some of the nurses quite well even though I spent 90% of my time alone in the hole. Sick call use to frighten me, but once I learned the protocols it was a piece of cake.

But ever since I came back to the prison, I have been waiting for an openings on evening shift. My bosses even told me to run off a nurse so I could go back LOL. Needless to say it's where I belong. With Andrea, Becky Roo, Sheila, Lisa and Melissa. The 3+ years I spent on evenings as a brand new nurse shaped me into the nurse I am today. Tomorrow I return to evening shift. I am tickled pink. I will still be in segregation, still have to do all the behind the scene paperwork, ordering meds and restocking... at least until they find someone to take my spot full time on days. But that's ok.

The best part of all is hopefully not seeing 0530 on my alarm for quite awhile. I am so not a morning person. Now here is to adjusting back to staying up to midnight...

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