Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dark Irish

I am kind of procrastinating from doing dishes and making tuna fish sandwiches. So what else, but to update my blog. There is not alot to say though. Except I am sitting on my couch with the windows up, watching the curtains move back and forth with the breeze as I listen to the dogs bark at the little puppy prancing across our neighbors yard. Only thing better would be to have the hubby home with me and not have to go to work (bu that will happen in 2 days!). I think there is a storm moving in though. It's only in the 60's today, odd since we have been in the low 80's the majority of the week. I heard on the news this week that we hit a record this week for reaching 80's that many days in March. I think it would be perfect to keep it this way the rest of the summer. Today is March 17th. The day that most of the country wears green to celebrate the Irish. I may hardly be the typical red head stubborn Irish, ok yes stubborn and yes red hair dye but I do have natural red highlights if that counts; but alas I am Dark Irish. I remember when I was young my brother would go around saying we were Greek. It made sense...olive tinted skin and dark hair. One day my mom overheard him, and got very offended. That is when we were told we were Dark Irish. Oops our bad! I have a tad bit addiction to Pinterest. Today on Pinterest I saw a story of a couple that wanted a real honeymoon, since they could only afford a 3 day get away to a local area when they were first married. So they decided every time they made love they put a dollar in a old metal box to save up for their 50th wedding anniversary/honeymoon trip. They even said that no matter how difficult times would get financially, that they never allowed themselves to get into that box. They were able to go on that trip; and every went as far as every wedding they attended, the wedding gift would always be a old metal box with some cash in it to start their savings for a trip. Talk about Romantic! Since Steve and I didn't get a "real" honeymoon, and we love to travel, I told Steve about it, and we decided going to start this as well. However the husband that he is, decided to go one step farther and tell me that any time one of us cusses, that we would have to take a dollar out of our savings. Talk about being mean. Cussing is something that I am working on kicking in the butt, working in the prison sure doesn't help it either! I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, one that my husband would be proud to call his wife... So needless to say I am all for a challenge, especially of monetary value! Oh well my eggs are done boiling so I guess I can't prolong making tuna fish anymore...

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