Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recap of April

April seems to have rushed past us. May is officially here, which means our flowers in the garden should be a blooming soon since we had plenty of April shower's recently! April was a busy month. I think mainly because the first 3 weeks I was traveling back and forth from Jeff City for the DOC training academy for work. It was a very busy 3 weeks sitting in a class room learning about the rehabilitation process. I ended up passing the academy with flying colors, ate at a handful of fantastic restaurants, became closer to some coworkers, and realized how much I hate being away from Steve for more then a day at a time. It's just not normal to be away from your favorite person in the entire world for 3 weeks. I think it should be illegal. Easter sprung upon us rather unexpectedly. We ended up taking a very last moment road trip to Chicago to celebrate my great-grandfather's 100th birthday. Most of my family came out for the event, so it was great seeing them. Almost all of them we haven't seen since before we were married. It was a much needed mini getaway. April was also the month of Steve and I being married for 6 months. 6 months can you believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were married, but a life time ago that we were standing on the beach with my beloved proposing to me. I sill catch myself staring at my wedding set, completely dumbfounded that I am actually married. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be happily married to my best friend for 6 months, I would have laughed in your face. A year ago I was arguing with God that Steve was the man He created just for me. Looking back I remember that I argued and argued. It was the end of April/beginning of May that I finally gave into God, and decided to trust my love life with Him. Let me just say, I love His love story that He created just for me, it's sooooo much better then I could have written for myself. The news of this week is that Jessica moved into her own apartment. She has been with us since the end of November. She moved 8 houses down into a cute little apartment. Today was our first day without her here, and it's oddly quiet. Even as I am sitting here, Steve is at work, and well it's just me and Cady. And if it wasn't for Cady's snoring, it would be dead quiet in this house. That seems like all of April's here is to slowing down and enjoying May's flowers...

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